The Art of Excellence

Release Date May 3, 1986
Label Columbia
Release Number CK 40344
Format CD
The Art of Excellence  was released in 1986.


Track Layout
 1 Why Do People Fall In Love? 4:05  7 How Do You Keep The Music Playing? 4:20
 2 Moments Like This 2:47  8 City of Angels 2:24
 3 What Are You Afraid Of? 3:01  9 Forget The Woman 3:16
 4 When Love Was All We Had 5:08  10 A Rainy Day 2:59
 5 So Many Stars 3:44  11 I Got Lost In Her Arms 4:27
 6 Everybody Has The Blues 3:37  12 The Day You Leave Me 2:46
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Primary Musical Personnel

Vocals Tony Bennett
Conductor, Orchestrations Jorge Calandrelli
Piano Ralph Sharon
Bass Paul Langosch
Drums Joe LaBarbera
Orchestra The U.K. Orchestra Limited
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The Art of Excellence was recorded in one three-day session held in London in January, 1986 and one session held in California in 1985.

January 9-11, 1986

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Production Personnel

Producers Danny Bennett, Ettore Stratta
Recording Engineers (London) Keith Grant, Paul Mufson
Recording Engineers (Santa Monica) Paul Mufson, Kirk Ferraioli
Mixing Engineer Paul Mufson
Assistant Mixing Engineers Sean Cotter, Steve Price
Editing and Sequence Dave Hunt
Digital Mastering Engineer Mike Ellis (DADC, Terre Haute, Indiana)
Production Coordinator Tom Chiappa
Album Cover Design Josephine Didonato
Front and Back Cover Photography Annie Leibovitz

Technical Notes

The following digital equipment was used for recording and mixing this album:

  • Neve DPS-1 digital console
  • Sony PCM-3324 digital multi-track recorder
  • Sony PCM-1610 digital processor
  • DAE-1100 digital audio editor

Additional Releases

  • 1986: Columbia LP 12″: FC 40344 — The Art Of Excellence
  • 1986:  CBS LP 12″: 26990 — The Art Of Excellence (UK)
  • 2006: Columbia/Legacy/RPM Records #87096 – The Art of Excellence (CD)
  • 2011: Disc #55 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874603-JK54)


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