So Many People To Thank

Although this site is created by just a  fan who really loves Tony Bennett’s music and art, what you see here is due to the support, advice, and knowledge of a great many people, without whom this site would still be a daydream.

    • My friend Lesley, who has patiently listened to me talk about this project for many months. How many people would listen to someone discuss discography taxonomies for hours on end? No one but Lesley.
    • Stephen, Pete, Peter, Chris, Travis and Dave at the office where I have my day job. They have been valuable resources for bouncing ideas off of and have remained interested in this project since I started in earnest in December, 2012. And are as patient as can be.
    • Josh Cheuse, who very graciously allowed me to use one of his stunning photographs of Tony Bennett for the site’s header.
    • Sylvia Weiner, who has been so supportive of the blog and of this site. We are very grateful for your assistance and interest.
    • Nick Riggio, who has been an incredible friend to this project, as well as the blog, and to  the writer. He has answered every one of my questions. He sent me the CD booklets from all of his Tony Bennett CDs for me to scan in. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for his help and friendship.
    • Steve Albin, the webmaster for and the developer of the BRIAN software package for creating discographies. Even though I wound up going in another direction from BRIAN, Steve gave me all of his source files for previous work he’d done on a Tony Bennett discography. This site would not exist in its present form if not for Steve. He is a kind and generous person to whom I owe a lot.
    • The technical support team at Woo Themes, who have provided world-class technical support when I needed it.
    • Jonathan Perez at SureFire Web Services. His help with the styling of the search options has made all the difference in the world for the appearance of the site. I aspire to be the .css genius that he is.
    • My trusty and faithful Epson all-in-one printer. I scanned in a lot of CD booklets and fronts and backs of CD jackets from the Tony Bennett Complete Collection without even a hiccup.
    • My dear cat Hazel, who finally accepted that I would be spending a lot of time working on this project after I got home from the office and finally stopped sitting on my keyboard while I tried to work. Sadly, Hazel did not live long enough to see her person’s time free up in the evenings at the close of this phase of the project. I miss her every day.
    • Princess Ani, the new cat that just came into my life, who has figured out how to step on my keyboard in such a way as to start Spotify playing Cheek To Cheek. Well played, Ani.


And, of course, Tony Bennett, who has created a stunning body of work that will live forever. And for teaching us all that if you follow your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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