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Tony Bennett has released over seventy albums, recorded in well over two hundred recording sessions, containing nearly seven hundred songs, some of which have been recorded multiple times.

One of the biggest challenges in developing The Interactive Tony Bennett Discography was to make this information easy to find and access.

Search Engine

When you first go the an albums, songs or sessions page, all of the entries for that type of content are displayed, with link you can click to navigate to a specific topic.

Each of these pages also has a specialized search facility, such as this one for songs:


The boxes are drop-down menus that allow you to select one of the values. For example, if you click on Years Recorded, you can select any of the years that Mr. Bennett recorded at least one song. If you click the Filter button, the page will then display only those songs recorded in that year.

You can select options from more that one drop-down menu. For example, you could select Harold Arlen from Composers and Johnny Mercer from Lyricists to view all songs that Arlen and Mercer wrote together. Songs that Arlen wrote with other lyricists or that Mercer wrote with different composers will not be listed.

The searches use AND when selecting options from multiple boxes. Therefore, your results are the songs that match both conditions, such as songs written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer. Songs by Arlen and Yip Harburg will not be shown nor will songs that Mercer wrote with other composers.

Click the Reset button to clear all the conditions and display all the items for the page.

If you find that you’re having problems with the searches, please let me know by using the Contact Us form. I promise that I’ll get back to you within a day and help you as much as I can.

General Search Option

Other than the home landing page, all pages in the discography also contain a general search form in the upper left corner:


Suppose you wanted to find references to the Cotton Club. Here are the results if you type Cotton Club in the search box:


A list of those songs is shown, along with the text in the topic that contains Cotton Club. You can click on either the image or the song title to view the topic. Note that there are additional results. At the bottom of the page, you can click the Older Posts link to view more results.

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