Cheek to Cheek

Release Year 2014
Labels Columbia, Streamline, RPM, Interscope Records
Release Number B0021493-02 (Standard Edition) B0021494-02 (Deluxe Edition)
Format CD
Cheek To Cheek was released on  September 23, 2014. It was the number one album on the Billboard charts its first week.


Song Singers Editions
Anything Goes Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
Cheek To Cheek Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
Don’t Wait Too Long Tony Bennett solo Deluxe Only
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
Nature Boy Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
Goody Goody Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga Deluxe Only
Ev’ry time We Say Goodbye Lady Gaga solo Deluxe Only
Firefly Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
I Won’t Dance Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
They All Laughed Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga Deluxe Only
Lush Life Lady Gaga solo All
Sophisticated Lady Tony Bennett solo All
Let’s Face The Music And Dance Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
But Beautiful Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga All
Bang, Bang Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga iTunes Only
On A Clear Day Tony Bennett solo Target Release Only
Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Lady Gaga solo Target Release Only
Lady’s In Love With You Tony Bennett solo HSN Release Only
The Lady Is A Tramp Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga HSN Release Only
Deluxe edition songs included on Target and Home Shopping Network Deluxe editions also
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Primary Musical Personnel

Vocals Tony Bennett
Lady Gaga
Tony Bennett Quartet
Piano Mike Renzi
Guitar Gray Sargent
Bass Marshall Wood
Drums Harold Jones
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Cheek To Cheek 2014 Sessions

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Production Personnel

Executive Producer Danny Bennett
Producer Dae Bennett
Orchestra Arranged and Conducted by Jorge Calandrelli
Brass Arranged and Conducted by Marion Evans
Vocal and Rhythm Arrangements Lee Musiker
Musical Directors for Tony Bennett Lee Musiker, Mike Renzi
Recorded and Mixed by Dae Bennett
Additional Engineering Dave Russell
Production Manager and Contractor Jill Dell’Abate
Live Sound Tom Young, Acir Pro Audio
Pro-tools Operator Alessandro Perrotta
Assistant Engineers Mike Bauer, Tim Marchiafava, Akihiro Mishimura, Darren Moore, Sheldon Yellowhaor
Recorded At KAS Music and Sound; Astoria Studios, Astoria, NY; Manhattan Center Studios, New York, MY, Avatar Studios, New York, NY
Mixed at Avatar Studios, NYC
Mastered by Gregg Calbi, Sterling Sound, New York, NY
Music Copyist Larry H. Able and Joann Kane Music Services
Union contract coordinator Ivy Skeff
Photography Steven Klein
Art Direction Modern Construct
For Tony Bennett 
Manager Danny Bennett
RPM Productions Sandi Rogers, Dawn Olejar, Sylvia Weiner, Hadley Spanier, Erica Fagundes, John Callahan, Seth Ferris
Song Music Entertainment Doug Morris, Rob Stringer, Nancy Marcus-Sekir
For Lady Gaga
Management Bobby Campbell
A&R Vincent Herbert for Streamline Records
Day-To-Day Management Lane Bentley
Fashion Director Brandon Maxwell
Hair Frederic Aspirus
Makeup Sammy Mourabit
Vocal Instruction Don Lawrence
Legal Kenneth R. Meiselas and Sonya Guardo for Grubman Indursky Shire & Meiselas, PC
Production Coordinator Lisa Einhorn-Gilder for Streamline Records
Interscope Marketing Dyana Kass
Interscope International Jurgen Grebner, Tomoko Itoki, Nick Miller
Publicity Amanda Silverman for 42 West, Dennis Dennehy for Interscope Records
Interscope Creative Ianthe Zeros
Interscope Production Gretchen Anderson


  • Tony Bennett is a Steinway Artist
  • Tony Bennett uses Sennheiser and Neumann microphones exclusively
  • Harold Jones uses DW drums and Zildjian Cymbals exclusively
  • Gray Sargent plays Godin 5th Avenue Archtop Guitars

Additional Releases

  • 2014: Cheek To Cheek, Deluxe Edition – B0021494-02
  • 2014: Cheek To Cheek, Home Shopping Network Edition – B021688-02
  • 2014: Cheek To Cheek, Target Edition – B0021861-03


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