Yesterday I Heard The Rain

Release Year July 22, 1968
Label Columbia
Release Number CS 9678
Format 12″ LP Stereo
Yesterday I Heard The Rain was released in 1968.


Side One Side Two
Yesterday I Heard The Rain 3:42 Fool of Fools 2:43
Hi-Ho 4:42 I Only Have Eyes For You 2:37
Hushabye Mountain 3:16 Sweet Georgie Fame 3:48
Home Is The Place 2:45 Only The Young 3:13
Love Is Here To Stay 2:44 There Will Never Be Another You 1:54
Get Happy 2:25
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Primary Musical Personnel

Vocals Tony Bennett
Piano John Bunch
Drums Sol Gubin
Bass Milt Hinton
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The material for Yesterday I Heard The Rain was recorded in five sessions held in New York from October, 1967 through May, 1968.

October 16, 1967
December 21, 1967
February 26, 1968
April 16, 1968
May 22, 1968

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Production Personnel

Producer Howard A. Roberts
Arranger, Conductor Torrie Zito
Music Coordinator Tony Tamburello
Engineers Frank Laico, Stan Weiss, Al Brown

Additional Releases

  • 1968: CBS LP 12″: 63351 — Yesterday I Heard The Rain [UK]
  • 2011: Disc #36 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874603-JK35)


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