October 16 1967

Date October 16, 1967
Location New York, NY
Vocals Tony Bennett
Conductor Torrie Zito
Piano John Bunch
Bass Milt Hinton
Drums Sol Gubin
Guitar Barry Galbraith
Reeds Pete Fanelli, Sol Schlinger, Joe Soldo, Bobby Tricarico, Stanley Webb
Trumpet Bert Collins, Al De Risi, Johnny Frosk, Bernie Glow
Trombone Robert Alexander, Sy Berger, Dick Hixson, Fred Zito
Harp Gloria Agostini
Percussion Phil Kraus
Violin  Julius Brand, Fred Buldrini, Max Cahn, Paul Gershman, Harry Glickman, Mannie Green, Leo Kruczek, Joe Malin, Dave Novales, George Ockner, Gene Orloff, John Pintavalle, Matthew Raimondi, Tosha Samoroff, Julius Schachter, Gerald Tarack
Viola Al Brown, Harold Colletta, Leon Frengut, Emanuel Vardi
Cello Charles McCraken, George Ricci, Alan Shulman, Tony Sophos

Songs Recorded

ID Title Arranged By Original Release
CO 92366 Only The Young Torrie Zito CS 9678: Yesterday I Heard The Rain 
CO 92367 Baby Don’t You Quit Now Torrie Zito not used
CO 92368 They Can’t Take That Away From Me Torrie Zito CS 9573: For Once In My Life 

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