After Supper

Neal Hefti

Neal Hefti

Composer and Lyricist Neal Hefti
Year Written 1958
About After Supper “After Supper” was written Neal Hefti, long-time trumpeter for the Count Basie Orchestra. He also composed for films and television, including work on How To Murder Your Wife, Harlow and Barefoot in the Park. He also wrote the theme for the 1960s television program Batman.


After supper you can hear the coffee perking
After supper all the crickets are a-chirping
After supper when you feel there’s danger lurking
After supper when you’re feeling fine and mellow
After supper when the glow worms light the meadow
After supper when a lady needs a fellow

Then it’s midnight and the stillness is exciting
Here comes daybreak and the speckled trout are biting
Soon it’s evening with its shadows so inviting

After supper when the Milky Way is shining
After supper ain’t no time to go a-pining
After supper all the world’s a silver lining.

Session / Album Information


After Supper was recorded on January 3, 1959 but  was not released in 1959 on Basie/Bennett. It was added to the 1990 Roulette CD re-release. After Supper was arranged by Ralph Sharon.

After Supper

Listen to After Supper on Spotify. Count Basie, Tony Bennett, Tristan Powell · Song · 1959.

This recording released on:

  • 1990: MCA CD: MSD-35701 — The Many Moods of Romance: True Love
  • 1990: Roulette Jazz CD: CDP 7 93899 2 — Basie/Bennett
  • 1994: Roulette CD: B2-93899 — Basie Swings, Bennett Sings
  • 2011: Disc #13 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK13) Basie/Bennett

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