De Glory Road

Three Negro Poems
Composer Jacques Wolfe
Lyricist Clement Wood
Year Written 1928
ABOUT De Glory Road
De Glory Road began as a poem written by a white, socialist, native Alabaman lawyer and writer named Clement Wood, who published the poem in 1928. Wood is also the author of the Clement Wood Rhyming Dictionary, the 1939 edition of which is Stephen Sondheim’s preferred rhyming dictionary.


On the Glory Road! On the Glory Road!
I’m gonna shed my sorrow on the Glory Road
I lay on my bed until one o’clock
The Lord come calling on his faithful flock.
And He called “Whoo-ee!” and He called “Whoo-ee!”
And I knew that the Saviour was calling me.
And He called “Whoo-ee!” and He called “Whoo-ee!”
And I cried “Master Jesus, are you calling me?”
And He called “Whoo-ee!” and He called “Whoo-ee!”
And I rose from my pallet and I cried “It’s me!”

The Lord says, “Brother, I’ve called you thrice”
“To ride along behind me up to paradise”
“On the Glory Road! On the Glory Road! On the Glory Road!”

So I climbed up on the saddle and I joined the load.
And the horse was longer than a thousand miles
His tail was lashing, and his hoofs were wild
His mane was flaming and his eyes were moons,
And his mouth kept singing Hallelujah tunes!

The Lord says, “Brother, take a look around”
There we were flying over miles of ground
Powerful hills, and mountains too,
And the earth and the people were dropped from view.
And I heard all around me how the spirits sang,
And the Lord sang louder than the whole she-bang!

The Lord said, “Brother, take a look again”
And there was the Devil, on the back of Sin,
A-bangin’ on that creature with his whip and showed,
That he was sure to catch us on the Glory Road!
I cried Lord, it’s the Devil, coming straight from Hell!
I can tell him, by his roaring and his brimstone smell!
But the Lord said, “Brother, he ain’t caught us yet!”
And He lashed and He hustled and He loosed the bit.
Then the Devil crept closer andI heard him yell,
“I’m gonna catch a sinner, for to roast in Hell!”
Ane I cried, “Lord, save me!” And the Lord cried, “Sure!”
And then we got to Heaven and he shut the door!

O Glory, Glory, Glory, how the angels sang!
O Glory, Glory, Glory, how the rafters rang!

And Moses, and Aaron, and Methusalum,
They shouted, they hollered, they beat the drum.
King Solomon kissed me and his thousand wives,
Just like they knew me, during all their lives!
The Lord said, “Brother, take a grandstand seat.
I guess you’re hungry; have a bite to eat”
And the ravens fed me, and Elijah prayed,
The Saved Ones gathered, while the organ played.
They cried, “Oh sinner, this is your abode
On the Glory Road, on the Glory Road.”
Cried the Lord, “No, brother, travel back
To help poor sinners up the Glory Track;
To help the wicked ones with all their wrongs,
By singing loud Hallelujah songs.”
Oh come, my brethren, get beside your load ,
And come to Heaven up the Glory Road,
Glory Road, Glory Road, Glory Road!

Session / Album Information


“De Glory Road” was recorded on March 13, 1962 and was released in 1962 on the album On The Glory Road, but was canceled. It was arranged by Ralph Sharon.

De Glory Road

Listen to De Glory Road on Spotify. Tony Bennett · Song · 1962.

This recording released on:

  • 1962: Columbia LP 12″: CS 8613 — On The Glory Road (release canceled)
  • 1962: Columbia LP 12″ (Mono): CL 1813 — On The Glory Road (release canceled)
  • 2011: Disc #22 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK22) On the Glory Road


“De Glory Road” was recorded live at Tony Bennett’s concert at Carnegie Hall on June 9, 1962 and was initially released in 1962 on the album Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall. Ralph Sharon arranged the song.

This recording released on:

  • 1962: CBS LP 12″: BPG62116 — At Carnegie Hall – Part 1 (UK)
  • 1962: Columbia LP 12″: CS 8705 — At Carnegie Hall – vol.1
  • 1962: Columbia LP 12″: C2L 23 — Tony Bennett At Carnegie Hall
  • 1962: Columbia LP 12″: C2S 823 — Tony Bennett At Carnegie Hall
  • 1993: Sony Music Special Products CD: 15056 — Tony Bennett Sings for You
  • 1995: Sony Music CD: WK 75012 — Tony Bennett At Carnegie Hall
  • 1997: Columbia CD: C2K 64609 — At Carnegie Hall June 9, 1962: Complete Concert
  • 2011: Disc #25 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK24) Tony Bennett at Carnegie Hall

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