Good Morning Heartache

Songwriters Irene Higginbotham, Ervin Drake, Dan Fisher
Year Written 1946
About Good Morning, Heartache
“Good Morning, Heartache,” is strongly associated with Billie Holiday, who recorded the song in 1946. The popularity of the song was revived when Diana Ross recorded it for the Billie Holiday biographical film Lady Sings The Blues, released in 1972.


Good morning, heartache, you ole gloomy sight
Good morning, heartache, thought we said goodbye last night
I turned and tossed until it seemed you had gone
But here you are with the dawn
Wish I’d forget you
but you’re here to stay
It seems I met you
When my love went away
Now everyday I start by saying to you
Good morning, heartache, what’s new?

Stop haunting me now
Can’t shake you, no how
Just leave me alone
I’ve got those Monday blues
Straight through Sunday blues

Good morning, heartache, here we go again
Good morning, heartache, you’re the one who knew me when
Might as well get used to you hangin’ around
Good morning, heartache, sit down
Sit down
Sit down

Session / Album Information


“Good Morning, Heartache” was recorded in June 1996 and released in 1997 on the album Tony Bennett On Holiday. It was arranged by Jorge Calandrelli.

This recording released on:

  • 1997: Columbia CD: CK 67774 — On Holiday
  • 2011: Disc #63 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK61) On Holiday


“Good Morning, Heartache,” a duet with Sheryl Crow, was recorded in May, 2001 and released that same year on Playin’ With My Friends: Bennett Sings The Blues. The vocals were arranged by Rob Mathes.

This recording released on:

  • 2001: Columbia CD: CK 85833 — Playin’ With My Friends: Bennett Sings The Blues
  • 2011: Disc #67 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK65) Playin’ With My Friends: Bennett Sings The Blues

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