I Used To Be Color Blind

Composer and Lyricist Irving Berlin
Year Written 1938
About I Used To Color Blind
Irving Berlin wrote “I Used To Be Color Blind” for the 1938 film Carefree, where it was introduced by Fred Astaire. Tony Bennett and Lee Musiker have a nice little exchange in the documentary film The Zen of Bennett about this song after Bennett discovers that the shoe shine person mistakenly shined his black shoes with brown polish.


I used to be color-blind
But I met you and now I find
There’s green in the grass
There’s gold in the moon
There’s blue in the skies

That semi-circle that was always hangin’ about
Is not a storm cloud, it’s a rainbow
You brought the colors out

Believe me it’s really true
Till I met you I never knew
A setting sun could paint such beautiful skies

I never knew there were such lovely colors
And the big surprise
Is the red in your cheeks
The gold in your hair
The blue in your eyes

Session / Album Information


“I Used To Be Color Blind” was recorded in 1975 and was released on Tony Bennett Sings Life Is Beautiful. It was arranged by Torrie Zito.

I Used To Be Color Blind

Listen to I Used To Be Color Blind on Spotify. Tony Bennett · Song · 2004.

This recording released on:

  • 1975: Improv LP 12″: IMP 7112 — Life Is Beautiful
  • Disky CD: BX 883552 — As Time Goes By
  • 1979: DRG CD: CDMRS 801 — The Special Magic Of Tony Bennett
  • 2000: Horatio Nelson CD: HNRCD9001 — The Essential Tony Bennett (UK)
  • 2002: Recall CD: RECA 353 — Have You Met Miss Jones? [UK]
  • 2004: Concord CD: CCD4-2255 — The Complete Improv Recordings
  • 2011: Disc #49 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK48) Tony Bennett’s Sings Life Is Beautiful

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