I’m Through With Love

Composers Fud Livingston, Matty Melneck
Lyricist Gus Kahn
Year Written 1931
About I’m Through With Love
“I’m Through With Love” was written in 1931 by Fud Livingston, Matty Malneck and Gus Kahn. The song has been popular since it was written, with recording by Nat Cole, Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, and Sarah Vaughan, among many recordings. Marilyn Monroe sang the song in the 1959 film Some Like It Hot.


I have given you my true love
But you love a new love
What I am supposed to do now
With you now, you’re through now.
You’ll be on your merry way
And there’s only this to say.

I’m through with love, I’ll never fall again
Said adieu to love, don’t ever call again
For I must have you or no one
And so I’m through with love

I’ve locked my heart, I’ll keep my feelings there
I have stopped my heart with icy frigid air
And I need to care for no one
And so I’m through with love

Why did you lead me to think you could care
You didn’t need me for you had your share
Of slaves around you to hand you and swear
With deep emotion, devotion to you

Goodbye to spring and all it meant to me
It can never bring the things that used to be
For I must have you or no one
And so I’m through with love

Session / Album Information


I’m Through With Love was recorded on October 28, 1959 and released in 1961 on the album Tony Sings For Two. It was arranged by Ralph Sharon.

I"m Thru With Love

Listen to I"m Thru With Love on Spotify. Tony Bennett · Song · 1961.

This recording released on:

  • 1961: Columbia LP 12″: CS 8242 — Tony Sings For Two
  • 1961: Columbia LP 12″ (Mono): CL 1446 — Tony Sings For Two
  • 1961: Philips LP 12″ (Mono): BBL 7479 — Tony Sings For Two
  • 1969: Columbia LP 12″: CS 9891 — Love Story: 20 All-Time Great Recordings
  • 1971:  CBS LP 12″: 66297 — Love Songs (UK)
  • 1987: CBS LP 12″: 4504651 — Jazz (UK)
  • 1987: Columbia LP 12″: C2 40424 — Jazz
  • 1987:  Columbia CD: CGK 40424 — Jazz
  • 1995: Sony Music CD: SMSP A 8242 — Tony Sings For Two
  • 2006: RPM/Columbia/Legacy CD: 82876 87234 — Tony Sings For Two
  • 2011: Disc #19 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK19) Tony Sings For Two

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