It’s Too Soon To Know

Dorothy Chessler

Dorothy Chessler

Songwriter Deborah Chessler
Year Written 1948
About It’s Too Soon To Know
“It’s Too Soon To Know” was a hit R&B song for The Orioles. The author, Deborah Chessler (a pen name for Shirley Reingold) was born in Baltimore, Maryland . Chessler not only wrote music, but managed The Orioles as well. In her obituary in the New York Daily News (she died in 2012) Richard Hinckley wrote that “her story was extraordinary in part because she was a young Jewish woman managing a black vocal group in an age when the entertainment industry, particularly in a Southern state like Maryland, was rigidly segregated.
She and her mother toured with the group everywhere, including the South, dealing with booking agents, theater owners and other showbiz officials who were not used to taking women seriously or treating black performers equally.”


Does she love me?
It’s too soon to know
Can I believe her
When she tells me so?

Is she fooling?
Is this all a game?
Am I the fire or
Just another flame?

A one-sided love
Would break my heart
She may be just acting
And playing a part
If she don’t love me
Let her tell me so
And I, I can’t hold her
If she wants to go

Though I’ll cry whens he’s gone
And I won’t die and I’ll live on
If it is so, it’s too soon
Way too soon to know

Session / Album Information


“It’s Too Soon To Know” was recorded on January 4, 1955 and released that year as a single.

It"s Too Soon To Know

Listen to It"s Too Soon To Know on Spotify. Tony Bennett · Song · 2011.

This recording released on:

  • 1955: Columbia 78: 40427
  • 1955: Columbia 45: 4-40427
  • 1955: Philips 78: PB 445
  • 1955: Philips 78: PB 445
  • 2011: Disc #5 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK5) The Columbia Singles, Volume 3

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