I’ve Got Your Number

Composer Cy Coleman
Lyricist Carolyn Leigh
Year Written 1962
About I’ve Got Your Number
“I’ve Got Your Number” is from the 1962 Broadway musical Little Me, the second musical that Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh wrote (the first being Wildcat, written for Lucille Ball). Little Me starred Sid Caesar and Virginia Martin, both of whom introduced “I’ve Got Your Number.”


I’ve got your number
I know you inside out
You ain’t no Eagle Scout
You’re all at sea

Oh yes, you brag a lot
Wave your own flag a lot
But you’re unsure a lot
You’re a lot like me, oh

I’ve got your number
And what you’re looking for
And what you’re looking for
Just suits me fine

We’ll break the rules a lot
We’ll be damn fools a lot
But then why should we not
How could we not combine when

I’ve got your number
And I’ve got the glow you’ve got
I’ve got your number
And more

So go ahead and pick a number
From 1 to 10
You’re losing streak is over
I can’t win again
And here’s the punchline
You’ve got mine

Session / Album Information


“I’ve Got Your Number” was recorded on October 19, 1962 and released in 1963 on the album I Wanna Be Around. It was arranged by Marty Manning.

I"ve Got Your Number

Listen to I"ve Got Your Number on Spotify. Tony Bennett · Song · 1963.

This recording released on:

  • 1963: Columbia LP 12″: P 13575 — I Wanna Be Around
  • 1963: Columbia LP 12″ (Mono): CL 2000 — I Wanna Be Around
  • 1963: CBS LP 12″: SBPG 62149 — I Wanna Be Around (UK)
  • 1963: Columbia LP 12″: CS 8800 — I Wanna Be Around
  • 1975:  Columbia LP 12″: KG 33376 — Let’s Fall In Love With The Songs Of Harold Arlen And Cy Coleman
  • 1995: Columbia CD: CK 66504 — I Wanna Be Around
  • 2006: RPM/Columbia/Legacy CD: 82876 87234 — I Wanna Be Around
  • 2011: Disc #26 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK25) I Wanna Be Around

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