Love Is The Thing

Ned Washington

Ned Washington

Composer Victor Young
Lyricist Ned Washington
Year Written 1933
About Love Is The Thing
Like many songs written during the Great Depression, “Love Is The Thing” reminds us that life isn’t about fame, power and fame–instead love is the thing. Ethel Waters made one of the earliest recordings of the song; Nat King Cole used as the title song an album in 1957.


My darling, all around us people clamor
They’re striving for the things they’ll never own
The only thing that hasn’t lost its glamour
Is love and love alone

What does it matter if we’re rich or we’re poor?
Fortune and fame, they never endure
Oh, love is the thing
Love is the thing

What good is money is your heart isn’t light?
Here in your arms I’m wealthy tonight
When youth has its fling
Love is the thing

While others fight for power
We can walk among the flowers
Knowing that the best things in life
Is a thing that’s free

Love for you and me
And even though our castles crumble and fall
We have the right to laugh at them all
For love is the thing
Love is still king

Session / Album Information


“Love is the Thing” was recorded in December, 1972 and released the following year on the album Listen Easy. It was arranged by Don Costa.

This recording released on:

  • 1973: Verve LP 12″: V6 5094 — Listen Easy
  • 1973: Philips LP 12″: 6308 157 — Listen Easy
  • 2011: Disc #46 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK45) Listen Easy

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