Lover Man

Songwriters Jimmy Davis, Roger “Ram” Ramirez, James Sherman
Year Written 1941
About Lover Man
“Lover Man” was written for Billie Holiday, and remains most closely associated with her, despite many other fine recordings. Her recording of “Lover Man” was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1989. Other significant recordings include those by Dee Dee Bridgewater, Bill Evans and Stan Getz, Charlie Parker and Barbra Streisand.


I don’t know why but she’s feeling so sad
She long to try something she’s never had
Never had no kissin’
Oh, what she’s been missin’
Lover man, oh, where can you be?

The night is cold and she’s so all alone
She’d give her soul just to call you her own
Got a moon above her
But no one to love her
Lover man, oh, where can you be?

She’s heard it said
That the thrill of romance
Can be like a heavenly dream
She’s goes to bed with a prayer
That you’ll make love to her
Strange as it seems

Someday you’ll meet
And you’ll dry all her tears
Then whisper sweet
Little things in her ears
Hugging and a-kissing
Oh, what she’s been missing
Lover man, oh, where can you be?

Session / Album Information


Lover Man was recorded on April 4, 1961 and released in 1961 on the album My Heart Sings. It was arranged by Ralph Burns.

Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?)

Listen to Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) on Spotify. Tony Bennett · Song · 1961.

This recording released on:

  • 1961: Columbia LP 12″: CS 8458 — My Heart Sing
  • 1961: Columbia LP 12″ (Mono): CL 1658 — My Heart Sings
  • 1961: Philips LP 12″ (Mono): BBL 7495 — My Heart Sings (UK)
  • 1990: CBS/Sony CD: CSCS-5245 — My Heart Sings [Japan]
  • 2011: Disc #20 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK20) My Heart Sings

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