One Lie Leads To Another

Tommy Edwards

Tommy Edwards

Songwriter Tommy Edwards
Year Written 1950
About One Lie Leads To Another
“One Lie Leads To Another” was written by singer, pianist and songwriter Tommy Edwards. Edwards, a native of Virginia, had moved to New York in the 1940s and indeed did have his first hit with “That Chick’s Too Young To Fry” in 1946. He is probably best known for his 1958 hit “It’s All In the Game” which went Gold and resulted in guest appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show and American Bandstand. The recording of “One Lie Leads To Another” by Tony Bennett was one of his first major accomplishments as a songwriter.


One lie leads to another
Two lies covers the other
Three lies now you’re in an awful fix.

Four lies you’re getting in deeper
Five lies piling up steeper
Get wise or you’re going be telling six.

You’d better listen and
Take care don’t you tell seven
Beware you won’t go to heaven
Up there the good with the bad don’t mix.

If you’re true to each other
And you love one another
From the day you fall
Then you will never have to tell any lies at all.

Session / Album Information


“One Lie Leads To Another” was recorded on October 1, 1950 and released in December 1950. It was arranged by Norman Leyden.

One Lie Leads To Another

Listen to One Lie Leads To Another on Spotify. Tony Bennett · Song · 2011.

This recording released on:

  • 1950: Columbia 78: 39060
  • 1950: Columbia 45: 4-39060
  • 2004: Sepia Records CD: SEPIA 1028 — The Young Tony Bennett
  • 2007: Proper CD: PROPERBOX 121 — Young Tony
  • 2011: Disc #3 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK3) The Columbia Singles, Vol. 1

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