Take The Moment

Composer Richard Rodgers
Lyricist Stephen Sondheim
Year Written 1965
About Take The Moment
“Take The Moment” is from the 1965 Broadway musical Do I Heart a Waltz?. The production was troubled from the start. Hammerstein passed away as the writing of piece was started. Stephen Sondheim was a protege of Hammerstein and was asked by Arthur Laurents, who wrote the book, and Mary Rodgers, daughter of Richard Rodgers, to write the lyrics, Richard Rodgers and Sondheim did not mesh and their working relationship was not happy for either artist.


Take the moment,
Let it happen,
Hug the moment,
Make it last.
Hold the feeling
For the moment
Or the moment
Will have passed.
All the noises
Buzzing in your head,
Warning you to wait,
What for?
Don’t listen!
Let it happen,
Take the moment,
Make the moment
Many moments more!
Make for us a thousand more!

Session / Album Information


“Take The Moment” was recorded on January 4, 1965 and released in 1965 on the album If I Ruled the World: Songs for the Jet Set. It was arranged by Don Costa.

Take The Moment

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This recording released on:

  • 1965: CL 2343 — If I Ruled The World (Songs For The Jet Set)
  • 1965: CS 9143 — If I Ruled The World (Songs For The Jet Set)
  • 1965: Columbia 45: 4-43220
  • 1974: Embassy LP 12″: EMB 31058 — If I Ruled the World [UK]
  • 1997: CK 65317 — If I Ruled The World (Songs For The Jet Set)
  • 1993: Columbia House Music Collection CD: 2C2 8222 — The Great American Composers: Rodgers & Hammerstein, Vol. 2
  • 2011: Disc #31 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874602-JK30) If I Ruled The World: Songs for the Jet Set

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