Hometown, My Town

Released on July 13, 1959
Label  Columbia
Release Number  CS 8107
Format  12″ LP Stereo
Hometown, My Town was released in 1959.


Side One Side Two
 The Skyscraper Blues  7:08  I Cover The Waterfront  4:58
 Penthouse Serenade  6:17  Love Is Here To Stay  2:21
 By Myself  2:54  The Party’s Over  3:35
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Primary Musical Personnel

Vocals Tony Bennett
Conductor  Ralph Burns
 Piano  Ralph Sharon
 Tenor Saxophone  Al Cohn
 Baritone Saxophone  Danny Bank
 Trumpet  Al De Risi, Bernie Glow, Marky Markowitz, Carl Poole
 Trombone  Billy Byers, Urbie Green, Chauncey Welsch
 Guitar  Al Caiola
 Bass  Pat Merola
 Harp  Janet Putman
 Drums  Terry Snyder
 Percussion  Don Lamond, Eddie Costa
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Hometown, My Town was recorded over three sessions in November, 1958.
November 3 1958
November 4 1958
November 6 1958

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Production Personnel

Producer  Mitch Miller

Additional Releases

  • 1959: Hometown, My Town Columbia LP 12″ (Monaural) CL 1301
  • 2011: Disc #15 in The Tony Bennett Complete Collection (88697874603-JK15)

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